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Good day,

For over 2 months, I have been trying to close my acc with telkom however this does not happen. First they bill me incorrect amounts and send statements that does not correspond with deductions on my acc. I went to the stores to dispute and called the contact centres however I have not been helped. The were times I reversed the amounts owed because I did not understand that how can a subscrption of R199 could jump to R600 or sometimes R900. I have then let this go and dicided to pay the full amount that they say I owe which is R1183 but my account is still suspened. They say they unable to help me cause their system is down, which is more than a week from now. My last debit order was deducted on the 22nd of August 2018 however it still reflect that acc is suspened. Now I want to close my acc and they taking me from pillar to post, from call centre to the store and now im told that I can only cancell on line. This is the respond im getting over and over again, it just keeps processing. my contact no is 071 0805 166 or 0761579757, email is [email protected]

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