On Air DSTV Complaints - Company want bills for unistalled DSTV EXPLORA

On May 2019 I was called by on air DSTV representative offering a dstv upgrade of EXPLORA3 with free installation and delivery for R139monthly installments for 24months. I agreed to the deal decoder was delivered on 13May 2019 but no installation. A call back to on Air team done to inform them of none installation for 3 weeks after delivery, they promised to find the installer but no installer called tried to call dstv multichoice to inform them but no help received, tried to go to the nearest DSTV Branch At for assistance,they asked for petrol money in order to assist beasuse I wasn't on their list of surrounding candidates for installation, so I didn't have petrol money as I was promised free installation, tried to find accredited installers on my own but they also required petrol money so nothing was successful regarding installation, ended up giving up but to my surprise, on Air deducted money on my account as per agreement that they failed to comply with, I then reversed the debit and blocked them from accessing my account any further, hoping that they'll try to stick to the agreement once they don't get the money, but still no actions taken, they only contacted me regarding the unpaid debit but told them the reason but they showed to only care about unpaid debit not the non-installation, then I told them to rather take their decoder since they've failed the agreement, still they didn't come take their decoder they still send threatening massages of failure to pay they no longer call me since they know their mistake but still send SMS threatening to take actions against me, I'm so disappointed to DSTV & Multichoice, of how can there be such unprofessional scam people who are trying to drag our names through the mud because the possess such powers, what exactly is happening now we are being scammed.
I request for justice against such people all I ask now is for them to take their decoder back I have been fooled more then enough half a year has passed, since May, I've had enough of them. Please help, there's a lot more they did, please help.

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