DirectAxis Complaints - consolidated the wrong account on my behalf

To whom it may concern

This serves as a warning never to take the account consolidated option with Direct Axis.

What you need to know:
* They consolidated wrong accounts on your behalf to the incorrect accounts. Leaving you out off pocket with the money you paid for the consolidation.
* don't ever think someone will phone you or confirm with a remittance proof that the account is paid. Please ask for Bank remittance proof, I only received that after many calls and fights.
That is also where I picked up the REF account number is incorrect.
* only when people start phoning you with outstanding amounts your nightmare starts (that now accumulated interest over time. Still on your name still showing on your credit score)
* When you phone customer care they will put you throw to a department until the call is drop with no response.
* When you send a mail NO person response
* And I believe Nicky Hill is an automated Robot just passing emails with NO solution.
* Its now 1 year and 9 months and still no solution

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