BlueChip (PTY)Ltd Complaints - Consolidation Loan

I have shown interest in a loan from Blue Chip, completed the forms, loan for R300000 was approved. When it came to payout, they started asking for amounts like R4999 and R7620 etc to be paid to them in order to secure the loan. I started to doubt my decision to deal with them based on the fact that these amounts were never mentioned to me during the application process. It is now more than 2 weeks and I am still struggling to get my money back. The consultant that I dealt with doesn't seem to have a face or a voice as he just emails me in a very abrupt way not showing any remorse for the way in which they are 'stealing' from people. He promised the money will be back into my account this week still. in following up it now changed to 29 August, which I doubt will happen as they seem very untrustworthy.

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