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I signed a contract in February, before I can start the gym I decided to further my studies and realize I won't manage the time. I decided to stop the gym before I can even start. I was told I have a 12 month contract with them so I have to pay cancellation fee. Knowing that I have signed the contract I went back to read the contract and found indeed I have to pay cancellation fee. My question is for which contract since I realized their application form is between 1, 12 and 24 months but in the copy that I have none of those months is marked. I went to virgin active thornbill and they gave me electronic form marked 12 months, underneath original application of the copy i have and us cancelled. I asked how come I was given a copy of a form that us cancelled and I don't know now I am told I have signed it and it is the first time I see that form. The Lady said the sales consultant who helped me resigned but she'll log a query.i asked possible is it that I can keep a copy of a form I knew is useless if I was told it is wrong instead of keeping the correct one and who signed that form because surely is not me. If it's me how come didn't they give me a copy like the first form. I need to know which contract must I pay for if the copy I have is not marked for s specific term. The worst part they handed me over to vvm attorneys for collection

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