Nestar Complaints - CONTRACT WITH NESTRA

I would like to log a complaint about Nestar tracking company, i took a contract with them and whenever i phoned them to track my vehicle they told me they cant track it because the tracker is faulty and they were going to send someone to fix it and that never happened, earlier this year i have been requesting and begging them to fix it but they never done that but they were still debiting my account i sold the car in April and told them to cancel the contract because i no longer have the vehicle instead they debit more money from my account i have been phoning them since April and was told that the contract has been canceled but they still stealing money from me, when i phone to inquire about this i was told not to worry everything has been sorted i spoke to the lady by the name NOMSA who she was very rude to me when i asked why they sending me statements stating that im owing R570.00 while i was told the contact has been cancelled, Nomsa was very rude she didnt even want to help me instead she drop the phone in my ear, im the one who has been phoning Nestar they never keep their promises, i believe even the tracker that was installed in that car never worked in the very first place but they dont even show the sense of sympathy all they do is to steal my money and when phoning them their consultants they are so rude to customers. i want Nestar to stop digging into my account and NOMSA to write a letter of apology for being rude to me as a customer and dropping the phone on my ear while i was talking.
Attached is the letter confirming that the contract was terminated and the doesnt say anything about penalties that NOMSA is telling me about now, nobody has ever told me i must pay penalties

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