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Good day I'm extremely upset with the service I'm receiving from take alot. I placed an order for a wedding planner on the 7th of November 2019 already. And I recieved the SMS to say that my order sill be delivered the 25th of this month... I then phoned the customer care for feed back, saying that I can't track my order it's been standing still since the 20th already. She then told me the truck was hijacked . But this is what's upsetting me.

Nobody had the decency to let me know the order will be late due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm a very understanding person but this is totally unacceptable.

The lady told me she will send an email regarding the process I didnt receive anything so I recieved a miss call. So I called again the guy who answered was very rude I'm actually very disgusted with his service . I work with people on a daily basis so I know how to treat people.. I then told him then you not helping me I want a refund...but he didnt even make the effort to say no dont cancell I'll try and get information as soon as possible and let you know

This will definitely be my last time ordering from take alot

This was my order number 6710223
This is the guy who helped me someleze mncanca
Which he cancelled my order immediately

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