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Bradlows, what is the issue with your credit department. We applied for credit to purchase a fridge. Credit was approved, we get the documents and see that they have added on insurance and life insurance without discussing with us. We have both household and life insurance so they removed that from the quote.

Then I look again at the document, they've added an initiation fee (which is allowed) BUT I have the right to pay that UPFRONT (which wasn't offered) so that I'm not charged interest AND according to the NCR, this fee is not allowed to exceed R1000. You have charged us R1207.50. On top of the that service fee isn't allowed to exceed R50, you've charged us R69....what is going on???

To top it off, when I checked online to purchase this exact same frige, the delivery charge was R200, here they've charged me R550. Are you just trying to rip the consumer off?

When I googled JD Group, there are a lot of cases of investigation with this EXACT same issue, and yet you are STILL doing it. I want the fridge but I refuse to be ripped off.
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