HTN attorneys Complaints - Credit Listing not cleared after payment has been settled

I took out a loan with Bruma Finance September 2017 and did not make a payment October, November and December so this means I will be 3 months in arrears and payment was suppose to be R856 every month and I called bruma finance and explained my situation and that January 2018 they should expect R2000 but to my surprise the account was handed over to HTN attorneys and listed on credit bureau as default in December 2017 on the 7th mind you this was a 12 month loan and first payment was October on the was listed a default and also show 2 months in arrears.then decided to settle account February 2018 and still today the account is still listed.and their response was they have sent all documents to the credit bureau to update and Compuscan and xds have not responded. Account 1201009703
Account 1101012393

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