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I have to inform you that I am extremely disappointed in the lack of sea-freight worthy “crating” executed by Freight Factory during the handling of my Harley Davidson to the USA. The fact that there were no desiccate present in the container as to mitigate damage from the sea moisture in the container is yet another proof of Freight Factory cutting corners to save a buck.

In addition, the fact that they initially quoted me a total cost for delivery to Saint Louis, and only once the motorcycle was loaded, pushed me on to a third party clearance agent at nearly double the original USA clearance and road freight cost, although I have to thank you, as this person obviously knows how to cater for valuable automotive shipments as he refused to ship my motorcycle from Charleston to St Louis (even by road) with such poor packing and without additional crating executed, all at their cost.

I have been receiving equipment from around the world for the past 24 years and never have I been subjected to such poor packaging standards. The method of crating is not even suitable for local road transport, never mind sea-freight between continents.

I will again have my motorcycle thoroughly inspected by Harley Davidson St Louis and have them contact Harley Davidson in Cape Town for verification with regards to any possible corrosion and handling damage. All costs for replacement parts will be placed at the door of Freight Factory CT by my local SA legal team. I have to stress that my Harley Davidson Electra Glide was in immaculate condition without a single scratch when collected from my premises, this was before this “Freight Factory Rodeo” started.

In summary, I would have been much better off having gone with your previous and opposition company Seabrook, as I am sure that they could have outdone this piss poor effort in half the time and with proper crating. I will be seeking an alternative for my next full container shipment due to leave for the US in August 2019.

I feel that I owe the SA public, as well as Seabrook and Harley Davidson Cape Town the opportunity to warn potential customers of Freight Factory of the expected delay in shipment and possible damage to vehicles due to the corner cutting practices that Freight Factory employs as a rule. The attached picture will be forwarded to every consumer watch website that I can find on the Internet starting with Hello-Peter locally in SA with and with immediate effect.

I sincerely hope that the wheel of life turns and that Freight Factory reaps what they sow to their customers,

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