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My name is Alfred and I am working at Pep Cell,I went to Pep store 6373 Vaalgate Vanderbijlpark,it was around 17:40 the Store manager asked me why I am coming at that time to make shopping,I didn't answer because the store was open and customers were busy shopping,I queued like other customers,when it is my turn to pay Rose Moeketsi( The Store Manager took my things and ask other customer to come ,I asked her why she is doing that she said I am full of games and I never done anything wrong I queued without disturbing anyone,I am asking myself what I have done because every time when I do shopping on that store she always has something to say,what I know is that we must treat each other with dignity and Respect because we are one family ,I am not happy at all with the service that she gave me because even customers asked me why she is doing that to me because I queued like a normal Cellphone number : 0730492132

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