OMARSMOTORDEN Complaints - Customer service issue

My name is Solly I'm seeking for help on behalf of my younger brother by the name pd Petros Jabulani Ntuli.he bought a second hand car polo 1.4i 2007 model cash from this dealership.the car is due for service but they didn't service it before they could hand it to him,the car was never taken for roadworthy test in order for it to be registered under his name,the car shocks absorb are all warnout,the right front door window mechanism need to be changed,the left front door central locking from inside is not working,the temperature gauge is not working properly,the car doesn't have a spare key. I have spoken to them about all this but they are refusing to fix all this matters of the car and register it under my brother's I have left it with them actually since last week Thursday. Please help me my number is 0767569162..your response will be highly appreciated.


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