Old Mutual I-wise/ Mcgyver Panel beater, Complaints - Customer service Nightmare

On the 6th of May 2019 I was involved in an accident whereby a truck carrying gas cylinders bumped my car at the back. Fortunately, there was a police car behind us. they took a statement and everything was done. during the time of the accident my colleague drove to the scene to take photos of the vehicle. my car`s lights were not broken only the bottom part of the car was affected.
As I bought my car December 2018, my insurance charged me R9000.00 for access, which I requested them to claim it from the truck driver who gave them the details of his insurance and his contact details. Today is the 11/07/2019 still no one is communicating to me on the progress of my car. I went to MCGYVER PANEL BEATERS and they told me that my car lights were broken when they received my car. I have the photos that indicates that my car lights were not broken. According to them, my car is done fixing they are waiting for the lights.
My problem is that even after phoning my insurance company, they aren't communicating with me, and in the meantime I don't have a car. When I call Mcgyver employees they are very arrogant and they are not prepared to communicate with me.

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Rammabij ( on 11/07/19 )

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Old Mutual Y-Wize doesn't care about the well being of their customers, I will never buy such an insurance I am happy with King Price.

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