Fair price Springs Complaints - Damage goods

My name is beauty I am a pensioner I bought lounge suit at Fair Price in Springs last year October It happened that within 3 months the lounge suit started to crack and pealed off I laid a complain last month, they came to collect them I was promised the new ones but after a week I was told that I won't get the new suits since I lost my reciept the only thing that they can do is to repair them but I must go to police station to make an affidavit since I lost a slip I did that after a week again I was told that they won't even repair them since I don't have a slip , funny part those poeple have my details on their computer have the prove that I bought those lounge suit from them , I budgeted that money from my my pansion for 8 months starving myself now I have to go and buy another lounge suits. I need help please now they brought them back without repairing them, their even more damaged from the vihicle I guess

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