Matlosana Financial Services Complaints - Dangerous hole

I live in Boshoff Street, La Hoff, Klerksdorp. There is a Vodacom Cellphone tower in our street. Alongside the road at the tower, someone has dug a huge hole with no warning that it is there. There is a large roll of optical fibre line in the hole. This has been left like this for at least two months, but probably closer to six months. Someone will ride or fall into this one night and be killed. I phoned Vodacom. They denied that there was a tower in Boshoff Street, even though I gave them the tower number. Eventually they promised to send someone to fix this. It never happened.
Then I saw two people working on the tower. Stopped to ask them who I could contact at Vodacom and they said the people responsible for the hole and the line in the hole were Dark Fibre Africa. I phoned and got no answer but left a message. Phoned again and got no answer. Phoned on 29.10.2018 and spoke to a Sherwyn on 27 21 914 9997. I have a record of this call on my machine which I can forward. He said he would refer to correct people but did not sound very hopeful.
There has been no answer to date.

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