Impact Meters - [email protected] Complaints - Daylight blatant robbery:- Billed for period of before taking occupancy of the flat

Impact Meters is a company not to be trusted. They are crooks and are robbing tenants openinly and do not even deny it. They billed me 30kl units of water used over 20 days before my taking occupancy of the flat, and this they are not denying but will not reverse the charge. Bendre Stoltz ([email protected]) also [email protected] is the person behind this claim.

This is despite the fact that at the time of application I stated that when they start billing they need to ensure I am not paying for previous tenant. They assured me in writing that they "take the reading on the day of taking occupation". When I proved to them that they did not do this , but in fact started my reading from 20 days before I took occupation - they had zilch defence and decided to go dead quite.I have applied to terminate the service and told them I will personally take the reading on the last day and send to them- and I shall see what the final statement will read. I have gotten hold of many other people who have been cheated by this company and we need more people to come forward. We are taking necessary action as this company is not prepared to rectify their wrong doings. We need more people to come forward and we are getting the word out there through other means.If you are reading this please make it a habit to enquire in your circles if any of them are serviced bt Impact Meters and encourage them to analyse their statements. Most importantly, they need to lodge their complaints in various media platforms and these we are able to surf and obtain in order to contact them directly to move this forward. Remember not to ignore nor keep quiet about it because tomorrow Impact will be robbing you , if they are not already robbing your friend, your relative, your colleague or anyone else that you care about. They can be and will be taken to task. If you do not act- you become part of the problem.It only starts with R5,then R10, now imagine that Impacts robs at least a thousand individuals of this R5 in one month..that equates to R5k. Now in a 1 year contract for each of these individuals, they have cleaned out R60k (R60 0000)straight into their bottomless pockets! Are you the corruption enabler???? Be part of the solution South Africa needs. BE THE SOLUTION!

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