Loan Finder SA Complaints - Debt/ No loan received

I was applying for a personal loan on the website when Loan Finder SA replied stating that they will find me the best loan and interest rate. I applied on there site and never heard back from Loan Finder SA again.I managed to get a loan through another loan company and I was approved in a day. I was going through my bank statement one day and found a debt from Loan Finder for R399.00 one month and 3 more debts for R99.00. I immediately got the bank to reverse the debts as I did not get any service or feedback from Loan Finder SA and now I must pay for something that was never agreed. I contacted Loan Finder SA and explained this issue and I was threatened that if I don't pay the money I will be handed over to a company to recover the money and put my name on the Credit Bureau's and have me black listed. I have contacted an lawyer who deals with these issues and I have been told not payment was needed if no services was rendered.

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