Direct Axis and Dept Review/Hyphen Complaints - Delay for a credit and POOR/BAD service

I was on Dept review, i settled all my accounts. on my Direct Axis account there is a Credit i have to receive back. this is going on for a few weeks now, i keep on sending emails ect. i have the proof of the statement everything, they just have a lot of stories. now they are waiting for a statement from West bank to show were they did the credit back to Dept Rescue, they must retrieved it out of their archives. that is nonsense, how can a statement be archived that far away in just a few weeks. i feel someone is stalling this whole situation for some or other reason. i am sick and tired for everything, i just want my money and that is that. they were extremely fast to take my money every month but look now, the poorest service ever. the money is not change for me, it is a of money. i need someone to assist me in doing something, i do not want to deal with them any more. i am sick and tired for everything and everyone. IF THERE IS SOMEONE THAT CAN ASSIST ME PLEASE.

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