Builders Warehouse Complaints - Delivery of purchased products

Complaint for Order Number: C3673962 and C3679163.

On Sat 12th Oct 2019, I went into the builders warehouse store in Rivonia, made an order for a number of curtain rods and blinds that I needed for a project I had planned for today 19th Oct 2019 @ 10H00.

The order was for the sum of R4750.00 and one of the assistants on the floor was so eager to get the order completed and done, that he failed to add my mobile number to the invoice and rather remembered and elected to do so via pen on my invoice.

I found this strange, but was assured that the number would be added after I had paid for the items and that the builders delivery section would be informed and made of aware of my number and details, I even went as far as going to the delivery department and confirming that my order would be delivered (on Monday 14th Oct 2019) and that all my details were there, well before today and this was confirmed by the gentleman who helped put together the invoice and also his colleague in the delivery department.

This did not occur however, as after taking a day off work (on Monday 14th Oct 2019) and calling in a number of times to the help-desk (0860284533) in order reach the Rivonia branch to insure my order was on the way, I was verbally assured multiple times that contact with the store had been made and that my delivery was on the way, and told I would be contacted once the delivery was on the way and also once more once it had arrived, this did not happen and I was told by a man named Bailey, that the delivery arrived at my gate and that the delivery guys on duty did not have my number and were unable to get a hold of me.

I was then informed that the delivery could not be made and it was rescheduled for Saturday @ 08H00, I was verbally assured by the same gentleman named Bailey, that he had requested his colleague named Lucky to place my order once more into the delivery schedule for Saturday (the new order being C3679163) and he also made it clear that the order would arrive at my home by 08H00 as the company opens @ 07H00 and deliveries are sent out shortly after that.

This was not done and when I call in to inquire I am constantly put on hold (when I call 0860284533) and shortly after given vague verbal assurances that my order is coming thorough and was simply told in no short order that Bailey had lied to me regarding the initial 08H00 delivery and also to add salt to the wound he also gave me a fake number (+27) 011 003 4600 to call into the store directly and inquire.

I am still awaiting my order and am more disappointed then angry, as it appears that the store is more concerned with having customers order and pay, and have a severely unprofessional delivery department and invoice assistance who actively lie and mislead customers, as the matter has been handled exceptionally poorly and all whom I contact for support now are severely unconcerned with how this matter has been handled and content with having customers deliveries mishandled and unresolved.

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