Lancet Laboratries Complaints - Demands for money

On 27/06/17 my doctor ordered blood tests which I had done at Lancet Pta East Hospital. On 2/8 I got a sms telling me to pay R822.70 which med aid didn't pay. Turned out 2 tests weren't requested by the doctor. Medical aid said it would be paid if Lancet got a request from dr. I phoned and told them on 11/08. They referred it for investigation but I didn't hear from them until a few weeks ago when the lab technician phoned to explain why tests were done. I explained that they had to get a request from the dr and then the med aid
would pay. Never heard from them again to this day EXCEPT for sms's demanding the money. 12 So far and threatning to hand us over to ITC-BA.

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