Usave Orlando East Complaints - desrespected my shopping exprience

It was on the 28/07/2018 at around 9am, I send my 9 year old daughter to the shop to buy us 2kg selati brown sugar. She was wearing sleepwear and a gown, one of the security kicked her out of the store because of the gown she was wearing. She was told to go and change because she will not buy anything in the store still on her sleepwear. She came back home and told me that she was chased out of the store by security. I went there to find out what was wrong with the gown, I asked the security. He told me that customers are not allowed to do shopping wearing sleepwear and its their store policy. "But there's no sign or notice on any of their walls or door. I reported this matter to the store manager but no positive results to date. please take this to consideration, I didn't get good customer service. I was disrespected by security and manager.

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