Trade loans online Complaints - Did not received any loan yet

I made a loan online with this company.I after applying for the loan by sending all there requirements they send me a contract saying that my loan application was approved. All i had to do was to pay in a R2500 registration fee and after that the loan amount will be transferred into my account .I was very hesitant to do so because I never had to pay any fees for a personal loan, but i was send another form that said it was insurance on the loan and a new South Africa African legislation. I was desperate for the loan so I paid the money. I should have known something was wrong when they gave me a banking account with someone's name instead of a official company account, but i pay the money in any case.The next day I was told I have to pay in another R2000 before they could release the money from there financial department.I wanted to know by the agent who was supposed to help me why I need to pay this money.She told me it's standard procedure and the money will be reimbursed to me with the loan.I was not happy about this but I pay the money in another account with a different name again. She confirmed with me that the money was paid in and that the loan will be paid into my account in 30 min time. That offcoures never happened because I waited for two days after she told me I was with a different bank. After that i received another phone call from there so called financial department that they could not released the funds into my account because the agent forgot to tell me that there was an additional R1800 that I had to pay for some fee to transfer money into my account.I went ballistic with the agent and I wanted to know what is going on because all these fees I paid and that they want me to pay was not in the loan contract.She was all apologies and said she forgot about the fees. She asked I need to trust her and just pay the money in and my loan will be paid into my account immediately. They gave me another account with different name to pay the R1800 in. Please understand i was desperate for the loan so I pay the money in. I went so far with this application already. But by this time I knew something was wrong because I told the agent this was a scam, but of course she assured me they are ligit. After I pay the money in I waited another two days and still no money into my account. Phone the agent and then she said that her boss stop the transferring of the loan because I had to pay another R3800 for some banking insurance that needs to be paid by me.. The agent apparently also to tell me that. Now I knew I was never going to get this loan and that it was a waste of time and my money. I ask the agent i want to cancel this loan application and I want my money back.Her reply to me was it will take 6 months for me to get my money back and I had to pay a cancellation fee first. I was so angry at that woman. I told her she was a liar and a cheat and I trusted her..i ask her to send me the documents to process the cancellation of the loan, her answer was I have to first pay the cancellation fee before they can send documents to cancell. I told her they not getting any money from me again. I am still waiting on the documents. Please help

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