Eskom Complaints - Disgruntled Eskom User

I am a part time farmer farming with poultry. I require electricity to run my small business to try and get extra income in these hard economic times in our country. I require power to run my incubators and lighting for my day old chickens.

My power went off last night 21/09/2017 at around 21:30 and I reported the fault immediately and I was told that a technician would be dispatched to attend to the fault. At 06h30 this morning 22/09/2017 I still had no power and I contacted Eskom call centre to be told that the technician only reports for duty at 07h30 today 22/09/2017 and that he would be dispatched to the fault.

I contacted the Eskom call centre at 09h30 again on 22/09/2017 and was told that the technician is still on his way to the fault. I have been out of power since 21:30 and twelve hours later a technician has still not attended to my fault.

I have since lost over 400 day old chickens at a cost of R6 per chicken - R 2400.00. I also have to throw 1000 eggs away in the incubator - R6000.00 - Total Loss - R7400.00. Can any small scale farmer in these economic times of our country? This is not the first time I have experienced these type of losses due to Eskom poor service. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

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