Telkom Complaints - Disgusting service

Our telephone line is and has been in operation for 20-30 years, and we have not had any difficulties with either the line or phone. In addition we have been operating the phone with WAYA-WAYA prepaid annually which was activated on the 21 August 2008, which had a grace of 95 day period.
We have been using Telkom 155 vouchers to recharge and also pay the annual fee, which was deducted from the airtime loaded onto the phone during Aug/Sept ; thus we made sure that there was enough airtime loaded onto the phone for the annual deduction at that time.
However to our utmost dismay, after being delivered the new digital wireless phones mid-2018, our nightmare started…
Firstly the recharge Telkom voucher using the 155 to input the airtime was a problem then also without notification. Also tried 8ta vouchers 188 number to input the recharge amounts was problematic as it would not fully accept the complete amount to be recharged ie. If we bought a voucher of R60 only R30 would go in the phone. Then since Sept/ Oct..Nov 2018 at times when trying to make outgoing calls the voice operator would say sorry your account has been locked please contact customer care. However at that point we could still receive calls and call Telkom services numbers only. I then called on the 29th November 2018 to find out why this is continuing and get it resolved. I spoke to Wendy it was past I was informed that the query will be logged and escalated to the relevant department. I was given this reference number:3904858.
Up until walking into one of the Telkom stores in the westrand; @ Keywest shopping centre on the 8th of January 2019, I was not even assisted to the fullest regarding my query. I was told to speak to customer service whilst awaiting there from 14:30, then assisted by a lady Bongiswa @15:00 was told the line is fine and just have to make a payment of R32 arrears. I was really upset as normally if we were to recharge it automatically takes the amount outstanding and the balance if any can be utilized for calls.
At the store no staff willing to assist had to force them to attend to my query and then was told they have logged the query and taken my cell no to be contacted within 24 hrs. However I informed the consultant how is that even possible as I’ve been awaiting since the 29th of November 2018 and have not been contacted since, so what is the possibility now to be assisted within 24hrs?
The lady now states sorry we cant help you, also when I spoke to another sales assistant I was told that he aint going to entertain my query; up until 16:45 no person at the store would assist. Its highly disgusting I then left and the next day on the 9th of January up until 2pm was still not contacted.
I then called 101210 and was still given the run around; from consultant to consultant Sibonizo @ 14.10, Nolutando @ 15.00 – I was talking to her then she kept quiet for +- 5 min and then I called again 15:30 spoke to Bulelwa who stated they donot deal with prepaid. I then called again and spoke to Sinthandile @16.48 spoke for 16 minutes and now states the line is fine I should call sales @10210 and request for reinstatement of line. Which I then called again and was told sales will not help with re-instatement of line as they donot deal with prepaid.
I then called 10213 and then finally spoke to someone who understands ;Sean Pillay, and acknowledged my concern in its entirety and informed me to send an email of my entire predicament and what I’ve been through having been a loyal Telkom customer for over 30 years.
Please note all these calls had to be made from my neighbors line as I cannot dial out at all nor receive calls for a very lengthy period now. This is highly frustrating as during the festive period relatives tried to get in touch to visit the family and were dismayed at not being able to get through, when usually everyone knows Telkom is reliable and if you call someone at home certainly someone will answer so you know theyre available. Others know the number exists for over 30 years and cannot understand what the issue is all about… as I have stated previously before the wireless digital phone there was no issue…when given the unit we were advised that everything would continue as normal. Only to find out now that this was not the case and no one seems to want to assist.
I really do hope this matter is treated with urgency and all effort is made to assist me fully and speedily as I have been a Telkom customer for such length of time.
A very unhappy dismayed customer of such a company as Telkom proving to be otherwise
Only if branch ever could do best what they used to in much prior years.

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