University of Johannesburg Complaints - Disgusting service and severe incompetence

First of all some idiot thought it was a good idea to block non registered students from accessing the student portal so I couldn't even check my financial statement. after hours of sitting with a ringing phone which the fat cows at finance answered only when they felt like it i got my amount owing to the university. i then paid it and waited a week as one incompetent uninformed idiot told me it will be unblocked as soon as the payment reflects and nothing has happened. i cannot go into campus because i am working out of Johannesburg and these idiots keep telling me i have to come in because they were stupid enough to block this access to online registration. not only, i was asked to email the student accounts and if they can even operate the email function on the pc it has just been ignored.

Uj has a disgusting level of service, we are all students paying thousands and thousands for our education and the least you can do is hire competent people instead of the people who sit drinking tea all day and don't know how to do their jobs

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