First National Bank Complaints - Dispute Between M. J. Gondo & FNB

I have a long standing dispute with FNB regarding R6400.00 which was withdrawn from my account whilst I had my ATM card with me. I was staying alone and never gave anyone my card. I realised something was amiss when I wanted to withdraw cash myself and soon after I punched my PIN number statement started to come out of the ATM machine, and my card was "swallowed" by the machine, I still have them in my possession, around the same time someone was trying to withdraw money from my account. During the fraud my withdrawal limit was breached, with FNB's approval. Please find attached page1 to page7 correspondence between myself and FNB. FNB went on to be the player and judge at the same time and are privy to their "investigations" and no-one else!!. Can we have an independent adjudicator?

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