Sanitec hygiene Complaints - Disrespect by SANITEC HYGIENE employee

I have never felt so disrespected and humiliated in my entire life. Today Monday the 4th March at about 10h30 I was in the toilet at Highveld Mall in Witbank as I work there and we do not have tenets toilets and only use the public toilets. While I was in the toilet with the door closed I heard a knock on the door and I responded to let the person know I was in the toilet though it was not necessary for anyone to knock while the door is closed meaning there is someone inside. The person knocking was a lady by the surname Mabena from Sanitec Hygiene, and when I came out of the toilet I asked her why did she have to knock twice on the door though I told her I was still in there and she just gave me an attitude shouting at me telling me she used a toilet whiles I was in and she finished and I'm still in, told me I was wasting her time because I'm just sitting in there and she want to do her job. I felt so humiliated and disrispected as there is no time frame for a person in the toilet, there were people that were also in the toilet and I felt as she is a service provider she need to be kind and friendly to people and not as rude and disrespectful as she was and I feel she must apologize for her ruthles actions.

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