I had received a gift which was bought from a Pep home.The gift still had the price on it and in its packaging. I wanted to return this for something else. I went to the Pep at Tambotie Mall in Randfontein on the 29/12/2018 to do the exchange and was told by the staff there that they cannot help me if I do not have a slip. I explained to them that it was a gift and the price is still on I will obviously not have a slip as I did not purchase it and I also advised that I do not want my money I just want to change for something else. They refused so I left and called the Pep Customer care line and spoke to a lady Marie-Ann on the 31/12/2018. She advised that she will have the Area manager Nadia to call me back within 24 hours. No one called me, so on the 02/01/19 I called again and spoke to the same lady and advised that no one called me so she said she will follow up and call me. She also did not call me back so on the 03/01/2019 I called back and the same lady advised me that I should go to the Pep at Tambotie Mall and she will call me while I am there and speak to the manager to do the exchange. I did as she advised and she spoke to the manager.The manager advised that she needs to speak to her manager. I wasted 1 hour of my time standing at the Pep waiting only to be sent back without the exchange been done as the pep manager could no get hold of her manager and no on else could help THIS IS SO UNPROFFESIONAL THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN HELP. The money value of about R44.00 and to treated like you a criminal is totally disgusting. I am now trying to call that Customer Careline line for Pep and no one answers the call. I don't know if they are regonising my number and do not want to answer. This is the first time that this has ever happen to me. I have returned items in the past at other stores without a slip and yes they cannot refund which I do understand an also do not want but they gladly exchanged. PEP IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!

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