hyundai Umhlanga Complaints - Do not want to refund money

We purchased an oxygen sensor on the 21/03/2018 at Hyundai Umhlanga.
We were informed by the foreman that if we fit the sensor privately Hyundai will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong with the sensor and the warranty will not stand. So we decided to fit the sensor with them.
After they changed the sensor we drove across to gateway to have lunch and then we were on our way home. We did not drive the car for even 15 minutes when the car started making loud noises as if the exhaust was going to explode. The car coming sluggish and then it was continuously switching off.
We managed to go home as Hyundai was then closed. My hubby went to Hyundai early the next morning for them to sort the car out. they said they cant do anything coz there is nothing wrong as this is a new part. My husband asked them if they change part as this maybe faulty coz the old part we had in the car did not give us this issue. they refused to change it.
My hubby then asked them to put the old part back and do a refund as tis part is not working and they refused to do so.
He told them clearly that there is something wrong coz with the old part the car was as normal.
Hyundai was not interested at all that the part we purchased cost a lot of money and they themselves could see that it was not working.

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