Pep Tsakane mall Complaints - Don't want to do payments every month end

For the past 6mnths I have been experiencing the outmost inconvenience of paying accounts on due time. Pep stores in Tsakane mall including the Pepcell have developed a system of turning away customers every 1st to de 7th month of every month claiming their system is offline. Only to overhear a salesperson of theirs been on lunch today telling her friend that the system is not online they just say that to customers so we can go make payments elsewhere 'cos we crowd their shops with payments & at the end of the day they don't reach store targets. Where is the convenience of us paying our [email protected] accounts if we can never pay our accounts on time because of their incompetence at the end of the day we as customers have to pay interest on our accounts because Pep staff feel they don't want to accept payments on days that suit them. My sickly pension mother was turned away after standing for nearly 10min in one of their queues to pay her DSTV, this really is appauling service yoll have no respect for your customers & especially the elderly...

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