Pep 0349 Piet Retief Complaints - DStv NOT INSTALLED ON THE 3RD DAY

I bought a DSTV at Pep 0349 Piet Retief, I paid R650 and they directed me to someone I don't know to do the installations and then he(the guy who install) told me that he will come to me before the end of yesterday but I waited up until today midday, I didn't have his phone number so I had to take a tax back to town and I found this guy then he promised to come before the end of today so I took his phone number. Time went by then I phoned him he didn't pick up for several times then I had to call the pep store complaining and then they got another guy as if he's the first guy they've approached to install the DSTV and he phoned me hence the DSTV was with the first guy they've approached so I had to go back to town again and that guy told me to wait further one more day telling me that he can't give me my DSTV which I've bought with my money simply because he has already activated it. I don't know why Pep stores advertise DSTVs if they're don't take the issue of installing the DSTVs seriously but the important thing to Pep store is to take our money?

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