Self-Employed Complaints - EDCON Fraud

Ref: EDRF-191012-5361405
To whom it may Concern,
With regards to an SMS received today, Sunday 13/10/2019 informing me that a refund on my recent Airtime inquiry with EDCON has been declined due to some call recording that makes the sale valid is not true and I do not accept it.

At no time in the past nine months since I have been paying for a service I knew nothing about have I given anyone authority to deduct or charge me for a service that I had no need of, or for that matter knew about and I wish to state on record that if your finding is not reversed then you will leave me with no alternative but to seek legal help in this matter.

For the record, I have been customer with CellC on contract for over 12 years so ask yourselves, why would I need or want the so called Airtime that I supposedly authorized over the phone. It is just by chance that I checked my account last week as I had settled the full amount the month before at one of your EDGARS stores and wanted to see a paid up account when I came across the discrepancy.

I feel that there is something amiss here with a possibility of your telesales colluding sales in order to earn extra commission and I am sure that I am not the only EDCON customer that has been taken for a ride.
I refuse to accept your decision and demand that I get refunded for a service I never used, did not know about and had no need of and more to the point, did not enter into any contract.

Yours sincerely

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