Eskom Complaints - Electricty circuit brick still not fixed

Good day

I don't know if I am the only who is having problems with Eskom but their services suck in a way that I am even thinking of burning their offices down. we had a problem with power supply and we called Eskom yesterday and he came and he told us that our circuit brick is not working so he started his work car number plate CL18FW and told us that he will be back we slept the whole night without electricity even now we don't have, called several times and they have just told us that our query has been put on hold because he had some emergency that he need to attend to,last consultant by the name of Sandra Ndlovu hanged up on me when I asked to be put through to the supervisor. It not the first time we had same problem from last year I don't know if it is hard for Eskom to fix our transformers and wiring faults. and what more exhausting and disgusting is that every time you call you notice that your call was put to another province and they don't give your the names of their supervisor. Please advice on the steps that I need to follow regarding Eskom. Contact details 0824792709 / 0817711445 / 0762466257 Nontando / philisiwe or Nonceba

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