ADT Complaints - Employer killed my dog

My family and I left our home for the day. We have an ADT alarm system in place (for quite a few years now). On monday morning we received a call saying the alarm had bren triggered. Bare in mind that we also have beamers placed on the walls for exta security when we are not home or asleep at night. The one beamer used to be triggered by our dog and we have told them this so they were aware. But it's been a few months now that our dog could not climb up the stairs on which she triggered the beamer. So when we received the call in the morning we were told that everything was fine but the officer could not get in because of "high walls" - which is not true. We then told them to go back and jump the wall to maoe sure that everything is okay. About 4 hours later, a different officer went back to check and we received a second call from head office to confirm this. When we got home at about 6:30 pm we found our dog locked in and dead in the garage. The only conclusion we came up with was that the second officer locked our dog in the garage because he thought she triggered the alarm (like she used to in the past) so he didn't want to keep coming back. It was also the only thing that made sense because no one broke into our home and nothing was stolen. Everything was intact except for our dog. Our dog has never attacked anyone and one previous ADT officer would get in and put a note by the fron door every time without any problems. And we've never had a complaint that oyr dog ever attacked anyone. Every dog will protect it's owner but it's rare that it will attack someone without a reason. Especially when the owner is not around. We are very hurt, angry and upset by this. We are devastated by the way it died, the pain it must have endured (Judgin by the blood and the marks). It's unfortunate that the person responsible for this is not taking responsibility and is being protected. We will miss our precious dog Meisie.

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