Totalsports Complaints - Exchange

I went to totalsports menlyn main to do an exchange for tekkies for my little girl.. The shoes were bought buy her father who went to the shop in vaal mall (we stay in pta,myself and the luutle one) and they fitted them and she said the shoes were fine and fitting, so yesterday we took a walk to KFC so she wore the shoes he couldn't last we got to KFC n we took them off because she was complaining that the shoes are too tired and they hurting he. So today I went to menlyn main because they had a bigger size there(13) when I got there I show the lady the shoes in the box and the slip, she asked y did she were the shoes told her because I wouldn't have known they not fitting if they weren't worn then she said she cannot accept them because they been worn n she also required a card because the shoes were bought by account I told her that was not my account and the account holder is not around he is in cape Town and he will come back December she told me the shoes cannot be exchanged unless I have the card I asked her is she cannot use the card number she told me no because they need to swipe the card and they do not do manual function was removed. I need to find out what does that mean so now I must be stuck with shoes that are small in size because I do not have the card of which I have the slip and all I wented was an exchange for a bigger size.and she then told me next time I should use voucher what about the current situation.

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