Charmaine Phyfer Complaints - Extremely Bad Service

I applied for two Telkom lines in July 2017, a Business Line and the 2nd line a residential wifi line. The Business line were installed quickly and without any problems.
However, the installation for the wifi line took forever. When the Technician finally arrived to do the installation he was so rude, demanding that my domestic worker hand him the remote control fOR our gate as the Telkom Main Lines are based in our neighbours yard and he refused to walk up and down. My domestic worker was in such a state that I had to come home from work to sort out the issue with the remote.
Since the day of the installation the wifi or telkom land line wasn't working. I went back to the Telkom Branch were I initially took out the contract, they couldn't help me and said that I must log a request...which I did. Eventually the same Technician was sent to my house saying that the router is faulty, I must take it back to the Telkom Branch so that they can exchange it for me. When I got to the Telkom Store, they refuse to exchange it, said I must log another faulty request...which I did. This time a Lady came to test the router, once again she said the router is faulty, I must take it back to exchange it.
I went back to the very same Telkom Store in Festival Mall, they once again refused to exchange the router. I completely lost my patience and said that they should cancel the line. They told me I must take the router, log a cancellation call which will take 30 days, and then only return the router.
I have not had any contact with Telkom since last week...a debt collecting agency called me saying that the account has been handed over for collection and that I should make an arrangement to settle the outstanding amount. The audacity Telkom has to hand me over to a debt collection agency...The more I tell them that the wifi/line was not working since the installation, the more they were phoning me every day.
My argument still remain that I will not pay for something that wasn't working. Telkom can by all means go back to my billing and they will see that there are nothing to bill. Telkom must fix this problem, and credit the arrears amount and either cancel the contract or start on a clean slate. I was requested to pay a R700.00 deposito which I did. The 2nd line that I have for my business 011 972 2247 is up to date.
I don't even have the Telkom landline number to use as reference because it wasn't given to me AND IT WASN'T WORKING, IT IS STILL NOT WORKING!!!!
Is there a Telkom representative out there that can please call me so that we can resolve this issue??????
I am available on 083 222 9548 or 011 972 2247.

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