Fair Price Midway Complaints - Extremely Bad service

Lay -byed kitchen cupboards at Fair price then made the Final payment on the 24th December. They were delivered on the 27th December 2018. We were then advised that they'll be fitted within the next 7days, the 7days passed on the 5th January 2019 and nothing happened however I still decided to give them a couple of days. By the 10th January I called the shop to find out what's the delay only to find that the Sales Person (Mandla Msingizane) never made a copy of our slip to give to the fitter to goes to peoples houses according to the slips to fit cupboards. I again was requested to drop everything I was doing to drop off the slip at the shop and guess what? I was told to wait another 7days & that's when I lost it. Firstly the shop was at fault for not making a copy and now they wanna make me wait another 7days as if I had just made a purchase. The Assistant manager who was on duty on the day marked my slip as urgent and advised that the fitter should come by the weekend, that was a relief and I left the shop happy. On Saturday the Sales Guy who messed up also called me to inform me that he found another fitter who promises to cone Sunday morning. We waited all day Sunday & guess what, he never pitched. Called the shop this Morning (Monday) to inform them that their guy didn't come & right now I'm super furios. I also told them to just call the delivery guys to come collect their cupboards then refund me. The Manager was quickly given the phone & I brought him up to speed with what gas happened & he fully agrees with me that I have waited for so long. What a bad customer service experience I've had. I hope by the end of today I'll be sorted with either a figment or a refund.

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