Damelin College Mowbray Complaints - Extremely poor service from Damelin College Mowbray

Good day,

I have been fighting for more than a month and a half to have my money that I paid to Damelin College for registration fees refunded. I have provided all the necessary proof and documents as per their requirement. I have made so many phone calls to the people involved, most notably Mr Shane Shaw, who is supposed to be "Customer Services Manager". That title appears to be a misnomer in this case. Nobody seems to take responsibility for this very simple task. It just cannot be possible that something that takes 2 days (at most) can end up taking almost two months.

After a month and a half they finally refunded some of my money, which unfortunately is only half (I am supposed to be refunded R2200 but they only refunded me R1100). The fight to get my money back continues. I have been given so much empty promises and every time I am given some unacceptable excuse. To wait almost two months to have my money refunded is really really really unacceptable! It is beyond disgusting. I have never received such poor service in my life.

In my opinion I have no doubt that they are deliberately withholding the money in order to score interest (at the expense my own interest I could have gained in the bank as well) as i'm sure they do that with many other clients.

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