Absa Vehicle Finance Complaints - False advertising

COVID 19, ABSA Vehicle finance sent out SMS to all their clients, for payment relief during Lock down.
I receive mine on the 20 April 2020, that they would process my request with in 48 hours. Nothing happened, so I phoned, and was told that they would call me back in 48 hours nothing happened, so I replied again on the sms and received another response to say the process will be actioned, nothing happened. I called again nothing happened. I went into the ABSA Bank stood in the que for 3 hours before getting in. Then was put in front of their phone and through to the Vehicle finance. Was on the call for 25 min, to be told that they are busy with many and will let me know with in 48 hours if mine has been processed. Today is the 11 May, and still nothing. How can a bank be so useless, the lady told me that if the debt order comes off in June then I must call them and ask them to reverse my debt order, I told her this is not acceptable as it will affect my credit rating at the bank as well as my credit score. She then told me to hold and now I have been holding for 31 min and nothing. I am sure they would be banging on my door when the payment does not go through end of this month. Very quick to give you finance but useless to carry through a promise they make to their clients. Any ideas on what to do will be welcome. As I doubt that they even have a team to help with the complaints made on media or on their site.

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