Debt Works Complaints - False Advertising

On 2 February 2017 i received a call from a company called Debt works by the consultant called Freedom he explained to me how i could be helped to pay my debts and i explained to him that i only have a home loan and a revolving loan which i did not pay the loan for only that month and i asked him how are they going to help me he said they would negotiate with my debtors that i pay an amount that i could afford and that the interest rate would be reduced then i asked him how long will it take to finish all the debts as initially the home is for 30 years he said i would finish paying everything including the home loan within 9 years which appeared too good to be true and when the manager phones back i asked the same question and she said no its not possible then i told her i was no longer interested in their services and she told me i have a contract i could not get out of unless i went through with them i will not be able to make any further debts buy a car nor make a loan as i will be deemed under debt review and i never furnished with a reference number so that i could take the matter to NCR myself as non of my debtors have blacklisted me

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AdvocateMunyai ( on 28/03/18 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Kindly contact me on my whatsapp line 0723111244 and I will assist with debt review clearance

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