Vodacom Complaints - False advertising and bad service!

I've took out a contract on the 13th of August - nr in question - ********** . This was an online deal. The adverti*****t on the website was incorrect. When I did the order, it was for a HUAWEI P8 LITE 2017 / ANCOLET BOONZAAIER - a 32 Gig. I have the ad and screenshots as well. When I ordered it, I asked more than once if it is the 32Gig, it turned out they've send me the 16Gig and that there is no 32Gig available in South Africa. Therefor it was false advertising. I complained about it and immediately contacted them to sort this out. After back and forth and numerous people contacting me unable to assist, but promising the world, Kelly Phillips contacted me - the online sales manager. Again back and forth regarding this, at the end of the day she ordered a pick up for the incorrect phone - that was picked up on the 13th of September. On the 17th of September, after I mailed numerous times and getting no response, she advised what phone they will be sending me, keeping the contract the same as what it originally would have been. From that day I've been trying to contact her, e-mailing, phoning, leaving messages, she is almost never available, each time just telling me how sorry she is, but she's so busy or she's been on lunch, or like today, she were off for 4 days..... I'm giving you the very short version here as it will be pages long if I have to give you time and dates of me trying to get answers. The last conversation with Kelly, she advised that she's sure they will be able to have the correct phone with me this week. After the 4th call today, trying to get a hold of her, she finally spoke to me, telling me that it can take very long..... how is this possible? - In the meantime, what is worse is they took the money immediately when the contract was done and the first premium went off yesterday and still I have no phone!! - When I said to her I want to cancel this contract as I cannot sit with this any longer and that she must make sure no debit order will go off again and the money taken from me must be returned, she told me I must contact the accounts department!!! The audacity!! I cannot believe this!! - Will Vodacom or ANY person that can sort this out contact me! I cannot believe the service is so appalling. I want to cancel my other contract with Vodacom as well and move to another service provider because of this!

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