Defy Complaints - Faulty Hob

My names is Maseabatha  Mashaba, in December I bought a hob and oven from House &  Home Trade Route  mall, as we were  renovating  our kitchen at the time we didn't install it immediately,  but as soon as the hob started working i realised that the plates were not straight  and i reported the matter at the shop ,- and i was told the Defy will call me as the product is from them. I received a call from Sipho on the 31st of January and he came to assess the hob, he said the fault is the tray not the plates so he will look for another one and he will come back to me, on the 21st of February he  called and said he found the product and he is coming to fix it but I was still at work and there was no one at home, he wasn't impressed with me for saying that so I asked him if he can come the following day I will stay home but he said he has ather commitments that day,i ask if he can come week end but he said he was not working.                  
The following day i received a call from this number 011 621 0200 this time it was a lady I forgot to ask her name,she said Sipho will come Monday and I agreed, so I didn't go to work and he didn't arrive until Thursday when I decided to take the hob back to House & Home and demanded my money back. There I  met Bheki and he tried calling Defy and he was having problems getting through so I sad I will come the following day, when I got there he said Defy won't give me my money back as they will send a tecnician to come fix my hob, but it was already at the shop and i must go home to go wait for the technician who i waited for for days. I don't think i can still trust Defy so I really need my money back so I can buy another brand.
Thank You for Your help.

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