Hisense Complaints - Fidge not working

I bought a Hisense Fridge (Black Mirror)on the 15th of October 2018.
I started experiencing problems with the Fridge in November, the freezer is full of ICE to a point that we cannot open it. The temperature was set to 2, I then decided to switch off the Fridge for 2 days in December 2018, defrost and the remove the ICE.
I switched it on 2 days later and the temperature was set to 2 decrees. To my surprise the freezer was full of ICE again to a point that we struggled to open the shelves, we would have to find a way to remove the ICE and try open the shelves.What I find strange was the fact that the top part of the Fridge was not cold at all. My food is always spoilt, I throw food in the dustbin every week e.g. milk, French, cooked food, Vienna’s etc. lost a lot of money on food. We reported the Fridge on the 2nd of March 2019 at Jabulani Mall. Last week Monday we tried to open one of shelves to take out meet for supper, it was a struggle as usual and the shelve holder broke, and I refuse to take responsibility for that because from day one that Fridge was not functioning as it should. Even worse seeing that we could not open the shelve we had to eat take aways the whole of last week. I spent money that I did not have due to a poor product. Please find out from the technician if he was able to open the shelves. I couldn’t report earlier because my husband was always at work and have twins to look after when I’m home. On the 8th of March a technician by the name of Hebert came to fix the fridge. I am told he replaced the thermometer and switched off the Fridge, defrost and switch on again and set it on 3 decrees which we have done. The top part of the Fridge is still not cold. My food is spoilt again, I cooked samp on Sunday and on Monday it was spoilt, Vienna’s are spoilt.

I got to a point that I don’t like your brand, it has proven to be unreliable. Can I be refunded my money as I need to buy a Fridge that would function properly from a reliable brand. I bought the Fridge because it looked nice on the outside but it does not function properly.

I had a Fridge for the past 15 years and I have never encountered such.

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