Mr price denneboom Complaints - Fitting room

I am so angry and dissapoined about about the service I just was about knooff time when I wanted to buy something and I wanted to fit it and I was told its about knockoff we cant allow you to fit. Like seriously spend fifteen minutes shopping annd after I selected the items I am told I cant fit. Imagine I am from wok tired and needed something for tomorrow morning and was not allowed to fit and now I left those clothes and I soooo wanted something about it cause I wasnt the only one three more customers were told that and they also left the clothes.....

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khomotsoje ( on 03/09/17 )

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but I don't understand how customer think ,cause at most case you would find that the shop is about to close and the last moment they come to the store buy , my question is what were doing the whole day . Do you think those people working there they don't have kids or families like you do and they can't stay and wait and sorry but and not I don't agree with this complain.

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