I made a flight booking on 29th August 2018 from East London to Johannesburg ( return flight), online. I received a booking reference number TB05240254, with an option of making payment at any PEP Store. The PEP Store reference number 11451861520190518931. I made the payment of R3,048.72 at PEP on 30th August. My booking was then cancelled because the fine print stated that the payment had to be made the same day as the booking (29th). An additional amount of R230.00 had to be paid because of the cancellation. I then did an EFT PAYMENT FOR THAT AMOUNT ON 30TH.I contacted travelstart to finalise the booking, this is when the runaround started. I WAS TRANSFERRED TO MANY DIFFERENT STAFF MEMBERS, eventually a lady by the name of Keshia assisted me. She said they cannot find payment made a PEP, but will check their systems and confirm my booking. Today is the 3rd of September and nobody from Travelstart has had the initiative to call or email me confirming my booking. I was requested on the 30th to email the proof of payments to them, which I did. The attitude given to me by all the staff at Travelstart is digusting o say the least. They went on as if they were doing me a favour. I paid for a service, which I still did not receive. Please assist me, because I don't see any assistance from Travelstart. I definitely wil NOT recommend Travelstart to any potential clients in future if this is how they treat their clients. Please assist.

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