Dudu Sokhela Complaints - Flight Centre Lapse in Services Delivery

booked through Flight Centre for a vacation trip to Bali Indonesia.

On arrival on (26 July), myself and my mother who is 81 spent the night at Bali Nguri Rai Airport. Because Buffalo Tours did not expect us, but expected us on the 27th July not on the 26th July on the day in which we arrived in Bali. Because there were no transfer’s person, I personally approached a gentleman wearing BT uniform who made calls to his boss informing her about our arrival. We spent even more than 24 hours panicking for our safety because we were almost seated on hard steel benches and waiting in the exit way, with my mother being an elderly person and tired from the long flights, from South Africa, Dubai and Bali.

Furthermore, on the following day still Buffalo Tours, although our names were appearing on their list the time for collection was not appearing, which meant that If I did not approach again the Bufallo Tours person, we would had spent more hours at the Airport. I insisted to be taken to the Hotel and wait from there. The gentleman had to call his office to arrange for someone to come fetch us. Briefly, arrangements were a shamble and a total disaster. What was supposed to be a memorable vacation and a birthday treat for my mother turned into a bitter disaster in a foreign country.

In addition to that, (adding salt into injury/wound) when we checked in at the Hotel, there was another disaster that our paperwork shows that we are to check out on the 4th July and yet our flight to SA is booked for 3rd August. We could not risk missing our flight. Having gone through the experience of being stranded, it was better to check out on the 3rd than risking not having a flight and not having a place to sleep at a foreign country the following day.

Our rights were severely violated here and we cannot just pretend as if nothing had happened. How many passengers and customers find themselves in such a predicament? It is violation of someone’s rights and it should not happen to anyone, hence the matter is referred to the Public Protector and Human Rights Commission, and our lawyers are busy looking at the element of crime and act accordingly. Thanks we live in a democratic country.

In light of the above, I want Flight Centre to compensate me for their incompetence and inconvenience as I was travelling with an 81 year old. Our dignity was compromised.

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