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Dear sir or madam

Please allow me to tell you my long story with iStore Cresta, this is not a pleasant story nor pleasant experience. Please consider this as a formal complaint against the staff that are working at iStore Cresta.

On Sunday the 20th of May 2018, I have decided to get Iphone8 from MTN dealer, before I started the process I went to the iStore just to see if there are better deals from them. I saw their manager (Thabang) and he convinced me to get the contract from them as there are more benefits comparing to MTN. So I have decided to go ahead and although I have an exciting contract with MTN and although I wanted to get this contract from iStore through MTN, he insisted that I should submit ID, bank statement (from the bank and not ATM), and pay slip. All consultants from MTN said there is no need, only ID is required because I am an exciting customer. Anyway, I agreed and submitted everything required on Monday the 21st. I have also indicated that I would like to keep my number as well and a consultant (B) has taken my application. Few minutes after I left, she called to inform me that the phone is not on stock and I asked how long will it take to get it and she said 4 days, she denied saying that later on!

On Thursday the 24th, I called to ask how is my application and order going, to be surprised that the phone is still not in stock and that no one has promised me it will be ready! After some discussions with the Manager, he said he will do his best to get it for me, which he managed on Friday the 25th. Then consultant (B) tried to put on the application and she couldn't because MTN blocked my account from a third party and why? because I was VIP customer with MTN, something that I was not aware of and it was another fight I had to take against MTN. So, on Monday the 28th I managed to change my status and iStore get to be able to submit my application, which they say it will take up to two days, on Tuesday the 29th, they called me to say that the application was terminated due to an error from MTN site and we have to submit again. On Wednesday the 30th we have made the submission and I had to go there to iStore and sign the application, which was successful in few minutes, however, and only after finalising the procedure I discovered that they did not do a sim swap to keep my number. Now I don't know what is going to happen and it looks like no one know what should happen.

From the above, this is a formal complaint against the staff of iStore Cresta mall, I have been waiting for almost two weeks for my contract and I have been in and out the store and it also cost me because I have to make phone calls to follow up. Apparently, the staff are NOT competent enough to do this job and I would like a full investigation and an appropriate compensation.

Thanking you in advance

081 757 5324

Dr. Mukhlid Yousif (PhD)
Medical Scientist/ Researcher

Centre for HIV and STI: HIV Virology Section
National Institute for Communicable Diseases
National Health Laboratory Services
Department of Pathology
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of the Witwatersrand
1 Modderfontein Road
2131 Johannesburg
South Africa
Tel: +27 (0) 11 386 6541
Fax2e-mail: +27 (0) 86 295 1787

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