solidhosting Complaints - fraud

Do not trust this company - it is highly doubtful the servers are actually located in South Africa.

They have an almost non-existant contact stream. Phone number works but is slammed down the moment the call is picked up.

Sending an e-mail takes hours to get a reply if any at all.

The account ticket system is unmonitored.

The webchat is not a chat just a contact form that looks like chat.

The automated account setup is a ruse - your signup will be processed and then jailed - you will not receive your account details.

When signing in to your account your selected plan is marked as unpaid and you are notified to pay your account - again.

When you raise your concerns your account is disabled and then removed from their system.

The site list their site as "This website looks like it's hosted on a compromised server"

Do business with this company at your own peril.

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