rochester furniture Complaints - fraud and appauling service

it is almost the beginning of 2019 and we still have not heard from Rochester. My partner and I bought couches and a bed at Rochester at springs mall, we dealt with David their sales man. the goods were not delivered in time and when the couches were delivered, the bed was not delivered. prior to that we kept getting private calls from a lady who claimed to work for Rochester's warehouse, we confronted David who reassured us that were the bed was out of stock but will be delivered soon. we called and to our surprise our order/purchase was changed by David. he cancelled our bed and added a dinning room suite to an amount of R40 000 not sure of the exact figure. the bed was erased and it was never going to be delivered, the dinnin groom suite was delivered to an address we don't know and from then bloody David hired a private small van to deliver the couches to us. we have visited the branch, open a criminal case, nothing has been done to this day, worse, the couch was not in a good condition upon arrival, it was broken and it can't be used. the couches were delivered by assembled by a guy who apparently works there as a general worker, at first he lied to the police but later confessed he was paid by David to come put the couches together. with all this obvious fraud, David left the branch with no conclusion to the case, just days after the fraud. the manager has since not been able to assist and worse now, the entire staff has resigned and our matter is still not resolved. the police have not given us feedback and to date nothing has happened. they keep debiting my partners account and the manager had advised that we should just reverse the debit order, that has not helped because the matter remains unresolved, we have a debt we know nothing about and the our name is being tarnished.....

Rochester has been a disaster to work with, I wish they can come get their couches, and cancel the deal or fix this mess and give us the correct amount to pay for couches because we not going to pay R40 000 for a dinning room suite we know nothing about.

I have nothing good to say about Rochester at all.

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