Department of Home Affairs Complaints - Fraud in General

Good morning

My name is Boitumelo Herminah Dube, Id no : 850225 0717 080 residing at 3353 Mothotlung Ext 2 Brits in North-West.

I have a problem with my Id, In 2011/04/06 I have found out that I’m sharing names and Id with someone else, and she using it everywhere opening accounts and taking loans. I realised when I was trying to open up a bank account that’s where the problem began, the bank advised me to go to the Department of Home Affairs. I even opened a case of fraud at Brits Police Station Case no : 558/09/11, and they transferred my matter to the Kempton Park Police station case no : 1170/09/11, as this person is residing there. I never lost my Id nor lent it to anybody.

I personally feel that the Department of Home Affairs is failing me, because where I’m sitting now I have three (3) green barcoded SA Id book but neither of them its working. I’m even struggling to open a mere bank account because of this frustrating matter, and the worse part of it is that I cant even apply for child support grant or maintenance for my kids. I have been blacklisted for debts that I know nothing about.

The last time with the Department of Home Affairs is where they said I must apply for a smart card Id to check what the results will be, yes I did but unfortunately in was declined as it says my fingerprints were not verified, and my kids are now removed from their system it now shows the child that was born on (2012) and this is not my child. This person is making my life a living hell and she tried to claim my UIF money as well.
The reason why I’m writing this to you, please intervene because now I’m jobless and a single mother of two I’m really stacked, I have security qualification but now they are useless as I cant renew my Sira certificate.

Hope you will find this to be order


Dube Itumeleng

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